Why start a blog?

I decided to make a blog since people contact me daily asking me how to get to the places I'm always visiting, things I'm doing, food I'm eating or clothes I'm wearing! I decided to create "Life with Liz" as my platform for sharing all this information. I'm excited to cross new things off my bucket list and see myself grow as a person which I can look back at through blogging.


Don't kill flowers growing inside of you for someone who doesn't appreciate the way you bloom.

. . .

I hope what I write inspires YOU to be a better you. I'm still working on myself! Everyday I see myself growing into the woman I want to become; confident, independent, mature, healthy and radiant. Feel free to message me whenever. I'm a great listener.

What are Categories?

When you click on the "Blog" tab, you will see my blog posts in order by date. If you want to read about a specific topic, for example, you want to know good spots to eat at in LA, under the "Categories" sidebar in the "Blog" section you can see a "Food + Drink" section which will organize my blog posts by only food and drinks which will help you out. The categories I have are always expanding since I am constantly learning/ exploring new content.