About Me

I’ve always been fascinated with traveling and exploring. I love trying new things and meeting new people. Life is too short to just wait for an opportunity so that is when I decided to go out into the blogging world and make these opportunities happen. I receive messages everyday saying “Hey I’m going to LA/SD, do you have any recommendations?” or “Do you know any good places to eat at?” or when I’m out and about, people ask me where I went and how to get there. It became a thing where people are constantly telling me “You’re always going out, take me with you” so I decided to share all this information with you guys, to give you insight on these adventures and the behind the scenes with each journey I take with my friends and family.

Aside from exploring, I have always loved fashion and beauty so I will expand my horizons and create content about what I know about fashion and beauty whether it’s creating lookbooks or doing makeup tutorials. I am not an expert but it’s always a good idea to step out of your comfort zone and try new things out. I have always been following other fashion/beauty bloggers and I love what they do so I will try to do my best and do what they do also.

To tell you about me, I am a 21 year old full-time college student at California Baptist University studying Psychology. I have many more years of school left since I plan on getting my Master’s degree. I work full-time and spend all my free time with my friends and family. I have a younger brother, Adrian, who was born on my 1st birthday…. crazy? I know. My parents are so supportive of everything my brother and I want to do and achieve in life. We have 2 cute dogs that are total mutts who are always in need of a haircut. My loving friends are so amazing because I can send a simple text “Hey let’s do something today” and we’ll end up in a cool city or at a concert. These memories I have are not the same without the people I have met throughout the years.

I’m excited to start this blogging journey. I know it will take time and patience to see my blog grow. I can’t wait see my progress through the years with my blog. I have always wanted to start a blog because I constantly read other blogger’s posts and look up to them for inspiration. (Negin Mirsalehi, Sazan Hendrix, Sivan Ayla Richards, just to name some of my favorites).

I plan only not only blogging about my adventures, but also DIY’s, fashion lookbooks, beauty tips, college tips, relationship advice and much more! I’m always looking for new ideas so feel free to send me any ideas that you think I should blog about! I will always be constantly expanding my horizons on my platform.

I hope you enjoy reading about my life… xoxo, Liz.