Back to School Lookbook- College Edition with The Honest Pisces

Most of you may have already started school again and others are shopping and getting ready for the new semester. Since I am a college student myself, I decided to do a college edition lookbook. Sorry high schoolers, but some of these outfits might not follow the dress code rules but you can do your best to modify these looks! I collaborated with my blogger friend Becca to create 6 different looks for school! I styled 3 looks of my own and Becca styled 3 different looks on her blog! Check our her blog and subscribe to her YouTube Channel and Blog!

Doin’ The Most

This look is for a special day at school! I LOVE looking extra and overdressing sometimes. I decided to go with a floral romper but I usually love to wear sundresses during this season.

Romper/ Shoes: Forever 21

Jewelry: Rockii Store


The casual look is always the most comfortable look! the only thing I don’t like about looking “casual” is being underdressed and looking so simple. What I like to do to not look so simple or lazy is adding a bunch of accessories to a simple look or adding a statement piece like shoes that stand out or a cute accessory that pops out. For this look, I bought flared out jeans to give me a boho look and studded boots to make my feet pop.

Bodysuit/ Jeans/ Belt: Forever 21

Jewelry: Rockii Store

Boots: Pretty Little Thing

Everyday Look

The everyday look is something I like to wear… literally everyday. A nice top, preferably crop top, and some cute denim shorts or even a denim skirt to dress it up a bit.

Top/ Shoes: Forever 21

Shorts: Thrifted (DIY)

Bralette: H&M

Jewelry: Rockii Store

Hope you enjoyed these looks and don’t forget to see how Becca styled the other 3 looks on her blog! Click Here to read and don’t forget to subscribe to both of our blogs!

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