Beach Daze…

I love the beach! I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t like the beach. I’m so blessed to live in Socal where the warm beaches are a quick drive away and I can tan so easily and have such a great time with my friends.

My favorite beaches in SoCal:

Laguna, Victoria, La Jolla, Sunset Cliffs, Venice, Santa Monica, Newport, Moonlight.

What to pack: 

  • Sunscreen/ sunblock (for the face also)
  • beach towel
  • a blanket to lay on
  • a picnic basket for all your dried goods
  • a cooler for all your cold goodies (bring ice)
  • snacks, snack, snacks (being in the water gets you hungry quicker)
  • drinks! water! water! water! (it’s easier to get dehydrated faster in the heat!)
  • sunglasses (the sun is strong)
  • extra clothes
  • chairs/ umbrellas
  • surfboards

Where I shop for my bathing suits:

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