Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

Cleaning your makeup brushes is something that should be done quite often! Yes, it is a time consuming task and it’s very tedious but it NEEDS to be done.

I used to think “Ehhh, I’ll just toss the old ones and buy new ones.” But then, I realized how much I was spending on makeup brushes and they’re NOT cheap. It adds up. Especially brand name brushes, you need to keep those clean and in good shape.

I learned how to wash my makeup brushes from my friend Andrea! Check out her Youtube channel & Instagram!

How to clean your brushes:

  1. I use the soap Zote! You can buy this soap at any store for less than $1!
  2. Gather all your dirty brushes and wet them under running water.
  3. Rub the brush in circles on the Zote bar until all the makeup has disappeared from the brush.
  4. Rinse the brush under the running water to remove any access soap left on the brush.
  5. Use your finger to squeeze out any water left on the brush and make it as dry as possible.
  6. Leave the brushes spaced out on the edge of a counter to let them dry overnight.

Please let me know how you wash your makeup brushes!

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