How to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I needed a little motivation and I got it from my dear friend Jessica. She kept pushing me to start my blog and she even helped me design and develop my own website. The process took about two weeks (obviously not every day or consistently) but with mostly patience, I was able to say I started my own blog and I couldn’t be prouder. 

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3 Things to know before starting your blog:

  1. You need to be consistent- make sure you have time in your schedule to post daily or weekly.
  2. Watch YouTube videos: What do you need YouTube videos for? Well I used YouTube to help me with the technical side of designing a website. I’m not tech-savvy whatsoever so watching step-by-step tutorials really did help me so much.
  3. Be patient. It takes time AND hard work to see your blog grow. Nothing happens over night.

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How to start your blog:

*Disclaimer: This is how I created my blog. There are other different ways that are probably much more simpler but I chose this way because I wanted to design my own “brand name” and not stick to just WordPress etc.

  1. Find your niche. What does that mean? It means find what you love to do. For example, you love food? Start a food blog. Post about your favorite restaurants etc. Love fashion? Create lookbooks, collaborate with companies and model clothes etc. 
  2. Think of your blog/website name! (this is when you have to be really creative) Your blog name is VERY important because that is YOUR BRAND NAME! Companies will know you by your brand name!!! For example, My blog name is “Life with Liz” but my website name is (I originally wanted lifewithliz .com but it was taken). You actually need to purchase your website name (aka domain name). I purchased mine on GoDaddy! There are so many different coupons online to get a discount on purchasing stuff on GoDaddy!
  3. Choose your “Host”. What is a host? A host is a format to develop your website. I chose WordPress because its’ free, simple, easy to use, and there’s many YouTube videos on how to use WordPress. 
  4. Okay so here’s the trickiest part. You need to combine your domain name AND your WordPress account. Theres no easy way to explain this myself so here’s a YouTube video that will explain it better than me. Click Here.
  5. Here’s the fun part… Choosing a theme! WordPress has SO MANY different themes to choose from. Be aware that not EVERY theme has the same layout. What I mean by this is, not every theme is made for a blog layout. Some are for selling products etc. This where you need to take your time and play around with every theme and choose what kind of layout best suits your blog style. I chose something that I would be able to have different tabs and categories where I could organize my articles. Everyone’s different You do you, boo.

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Blogger tips from me to you:

  • Be creative! This is a perfect platform to express yourself! Whether it’s designing your website or posting what you want.
  • Stay consistent! I cannot stress this enough! I know I mention this a lot but it makes a big difference. Here’s a friendly tip: Instagram is a HUGE platform to expand your blog. The more you post on Instagram, the more attention your blog will get.
  • Plan ahead. Writing things down and planning your content is so effective. Getting your ideas written down in a planner can help you stay organized and stay consistent with your posts. Some days you have so many ideas and you just write them all down and save them for the days when you have no ideas on what to blog about.
  • Don’t feel discouraged. Growing as a blogger can be a long process that makes you feel like you’re doing it for no reason sometimes. Don’t ever feel like you’re not doing a good job because it takes time and patience to yourself grow as a blogger and just know you’re always doing an amazing job!
  • Network! Connecting with other bloggers is VERY important. You make Instagram friends and you get your page seen by other accounts when you like, comment and share other peoples posts.

. . .

I hope I have somewhat helped you see what starting a blog is like and PLEASE contact me and let me know if you started a blog ! I want to see your blog and see you grow as a blogger! Also, feel free to message me if you have any more questions about starting a blog.

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