Mexico City

Growing up, my parents have always wanted to take my brother & I to Mexico City to show us our culture. We have been to several parts of Mexico before but never Mexico City. It was a whole new experience for me. We flew to Mexico City on Friday, July 14, arriving late night with the time change and our first stop was Taqueria Parados which had really good tacos of different kinds and it was a standing only restaurant (hence the name parados) which I thought was unique. We stayed at my cousins house that night and in the morning we went on out first adventure. We went to La Basilica de la Virgin de Guadalupe which has been on my bucket list for years. I am Catholic so I believe in La Virgin de Guadalupe and seeing the basilica was absolutely breath taking.

We stayed for mass and continued to explore the area and then we grabbed some brunch in the city and I ordered chilaquiles. We then drove out to Malinalco, a small pueblo about 2 hours outside of Mexico City for my cousin’s wedding. I hadn’t seen my cousins in years. I saw some on occasion if they few out to visit our family in socal but other than that, it’s been years. My cousin has a vacation house in Malinalco and that pueblo is so beautiful and filled with history, I fell in love. Everything about the wedding was perfect. It gave me ideas about my dream wedding…. The wedding was amazing, open bar, a pool, French food (the groom is French), different types of music groups, dancing all night, and they even had fireworks! That was a total surprise. It was nice having my family together, dancing and enjoying each other’s company and celebrating the marriage of my cousin.

The next day, we woke up early & headed to the plaza of Malinalco where we walked around, bought fresh fruits, ate tamales (they were the size of my big head, I swear). We bought many goodies, micheladas and ate different foods I’ve never had before. After stuffing our faces, we walked up to see the ancient Malinalco ruins. The hike up the mountain wasn’t too bad but keep in mind I did this all in a dress and sandals that had a heel since I didn’t know we were going to go. The view was amazing and there was so much history there.

I was so amazed seeing the ruins. After that, we headed back to the plaza & we saw a chicharra (a motorcycle that has big seats in the back to fit several people & is used as a taxi) & it was only for 3 people but we managed to fit 7 grown people on there! The poor chicharra was struggling to go up the little hills back to the vacation house. At one point, my brother had to get off to push the chicharra so it would keep going! Once we were back at the house, we went swimming in the pool & then we headed out to the plaza again for some coffee & I found the cutest coffee shop called La Casa de Valentina. We headed back to the house and had a carne asada & then a thunder storm came so we all hung out in a living room & played games and it was nice having everyone together just enjoying ourselves. We stayed up all night talking and having fun. The next morning, our last day in Mexico, we drove out to Teotihuacan, known for the ancient pyramids. On our way there we stopped for menudo and it was amazing! The pyramids in Teotihuacan were amazing, climbing up the pyramid wasn’t too amazing. We walked around the area and went into a museum and grabbed something to eat.

We then headed back to Mexico City where we wondered around and saw Metropolitan Cathedral, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Palacio del Gobierno and many other things. We ended our trip by grabbing something to eat and shopping for souvenirs and I grabbed some drinks at a bar with my brother.

This trip was honestly so amazing & wouldn’t have happened without my parents. They made this trip happen and I couldn’t thank them enough. I’m mostly happy I was able to bond with my cousins that I hadn’t seen in a long time and I got so many things off my bucket list! I can’t wait til I get to go again!


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